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The march of technology has reached commerrcial clean-up.

The simple message I want to communicate Is I truly enjoy my time on the American river bike trail. I own a company dedicated to cleaning businesses in the Sacramento area, and I am delighted in knowing what we do every night prevents trash and run-off going into the creeks and ultimately the river. Our entire fleet uses the newest zero-emission, fully hydraulic sweeper trucks. We save money for you by using half the fuel others use, and produce better results, by removing more fine particles.

My hope is when my kids ride the trail like I did when I was their age, its beauty will be preserved, and I will do my part to ensure that.



American River
This will take you to the Folsom chamber If you're interested in the river.

This is an excellent source for any sweeping information

This will take you to the California stormwater quality association publication for parking areas.